Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dec. 31, Varanasi, India

Yesterday, after several days on the move, we made it to Varanasi, the city of lights. One of the oldest living cities in the world. Our room is right on the river and it is quite a scene here..

Varanasi is one of the holiest (if not the holiest) cities in all of India. People come here to die, to escape the cycle of existence. Many religions believe in reincarnation and Hinduism is one of them. They believe after your body dies your spirit lives on in another body and goes through life over and over and thus goes through suffering over and over. There are certain ways of escaping this “cyclic existence” or samsara and one of them is to die and be cremated in Varanasi and then have your ashes thrown into the Ganges River. So, there are numerous pilgrims here, some to die, some to dip in the Ganga and say prayers.. It is a place with powerful energy in the air.

We spent most of the day wandering around the tiny alley streets. I love to think about what it was like 1000 years ago, as in some ways, I know it has not changed, small shops, a maze of winding streets and people praying... It's quite amazing.

Tonight is New Year's Eve and we plan on playing music with people from around the world. So exciting!!

Enjoy the photos from our wanderings today!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Welcome Welcome Welcome!!!

We made it and yes, we expected the unexpected and it happened. After clearing customs and getting our luggage, we were to have someone picking us up at the airport, but no one was there with our names. I went back through the crowds of people holding signs and again did not see our name. I was thinking to myself... hmmmm I confirmed. I double confirmed they were picking us up... So, I went through the crowd again and saw a small sign with somebody else's name, but our hotel. The man holding the sign made a phone call, found us a driver and we were off to our hotel. Relatively smoothly!

At this point we had been traveling for 24hrs and were now on the other side of the world.. in a time zone 13.5 hours ahead of Seattle, so to our bodies it is 11am, but here it is 12:30 at night.

We hop in the old school ambassador and hope for the best. 5 minutes into our ride, we have to stop for gas. In Delhi all taxi's are required to use natural gas.. So, naturally there was a long taxi line at the gas station and about 30 minutes later we were on the road again... I was getting a little crabby, but remembered, this is what I love about India. I love that no matter what, it is no problem and everything will happen, in time.

5 minutes later, we had a flat tire... Steven and I just laughed, he got out his harmonica and I got out my guitar and we played some music...

Welcome to India!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas

Merry Christmas!

Hmmm One more day here... Still have not packed, but that's ok, I'm feeling a little better as I have now tied up some loose ends (finished some jewelry, did my taxes, made room on my HD, etc..) and can think more about the trip. We have so many ideas and things we want to incorporate in this journey and I am trying my hardest to stay calm as I worry about "forgetting" something... So, funny how we all have different worries. I know once I'm on the plane everything will melt into "vacation" mode, even though it's not entirely vacation, as I typically work my ass off when I'm in India.

Anyway, just a few things... My etsy store is not available between now and January 26. I will activate it again then, but in the mean time check in here. I will have lovely updates on my journey and hopefully some fun photos too (as I have just bought myself a new camera)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

trickling in, winding down, getting ready

As the last minute Christmas sales are trickling in, I am trying to calm myself while getting ready for India. This will be my 8th trip. I've spent almost 2 years of my life there. I traveled around the world and yet, I am still challenged as I try to get ready... Why?? I know what to expect (the unexpected), I have things in place (airport pickup, hotel, etc..), but there is something about the transition of leaving home, finalizing all the things here and then leaving to travel for a while, that is hard for me. I am sooooooo excited and totally ready for my favorite place on earth, but moving from one extreme to the other can be daunting and as usual, here I am a few days before departure, trying to think of all the things to do... hmmm, did I pay that bill? what shall i do with this thing? Will I have time to get it all done? The answer is yes. I know that, but it all looms...And I can't wait to get on that plane and relax as all the rest is what it is and if I forgot something, it is ok!

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Ok off to design some gold jewelry and buy a new kitchen floor...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Savoring the last few days here in Seattle before we fly away. It's such a hard time of the year to enjoy. the gray skies, the constant rain and drizzle, but I am trying and today has been easier as, at the moment, it is not raining and the sun is setting behind the city, the buildings reflecting a cascade of color and beyond in the Olympic Mountains, a distant glow is making the mountain range an orange silhouette..

This morning, I went into the mountains for a ski.. I wanted to enjoy the solitude of an early morning glide along the snow, through the forest along a lake. There was a slight breeze and a tiny bit of snowfall. the conditions.. perfect... ahh.. all the things to savor before we fly away..all the beauty of the Northwest..

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Monday, December 21, 2009

a few more days...

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Happy solstice. The sun set in Seattle today at 4:20. These short days are so hard to motivate and it's such a crazy busy time of the year. So, with my last show of the season finished, as Christmas approaches and our days become longer, I am winding down, still filling the online orders (thank you, for your orders). Trying to get ready for the yearly epic journey to Mother India.

I am really excited this year (as always), but Oh Mother India awaits and in a few short days we will be flying into Delhi, then Varnasi for the new year and on to Bodh Gaya for 5 days with the Dalai Lama. It will be the first time I travel with my guitar and steven with his bass. We hope to meet musicians along the way. I want to play and sing my heart out and maybe even record a little bit.

Then on to the south where work will commence. We will be designing and making. I will be studying and learning as well as enjoying the camaraderie and joy of being with my teachers and their families.

Here we come Mother India in less than one week....There is still room left for the jewelry and gem lovers tour to India February 20-March 6, 2010. if you are interested please email me

Friday, December 18, 2009

Last event of the year... Sat. Dec. 19

Tomorrow (Saturday December 19) is our last event of the year. Please join us for a trunk show of amazing NW jewelry artists

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Monday, December 14, 2009


Hi everyone...

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Obama & Karazi Design

A client wearing a Karazi Design piece...just after hugging President Obama!!!

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Friday, December 4, 2009

only a few more days of the gold sale!!

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