Monday, September 29, 2008

enjoying the sun...

Potentially some of our last days of sun.. We rode our motorcycle to Mt. Rainier yesterday and had a wonderful hike. We even saw a bear. Enjoy the photos.

My week is busy full of jewelry making, delivering orders, getting ready to go to NY and life..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

fall is here...

I want to thank all of you who came out in the rain yesterday to see me at my last Edmonds Market for the season. It was wonderful to see you all. And I hope to see you again next year at some of the markets.

These are more images from the morning walk I took earlier in the week. It was such a great morning for a walk. This morning it was a bit more gray and a bit more cold, just a hint from Mother Nature, that it is indeed autumn.

As the season changes, so does my schedule. I will be starting class again tomorrow and will post my progress as I learn and make more metal and stone adornments.

I hope you all are well.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

morning walk

The last two weeks have been so beautiful... I woke up this morning and had to go on a walk. I brought my camera with and will share the pictures from it in my next couple of posts.

Today is a day of inspiration. Looking at nature, taking time to think, and get ready for new designs of my jewelry. It's been a very busy few weeks, I've added another store to the mix. Meridian Boutique in Excelsior, Mn. Now my jewelry is being sold in two of their locations Bozeman, Mt and Excelsior, Mn. It's all very exciting to me to be diving in to this new realm of business•art.

I really hope the sun stays out and the sky stays blue for a while... It's so pleasant and easy to smile and get things done...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

filling orders.....feeling fall

My parents were here for 5 days and we had a great time in Gig Harbor and Port Townsend. Although it's been warm, fall is on is it's with the tips of the leaves turning burnt red and the air in the morning feeling cool and crisp.

This week, I have filled one order for Spirit Horses Wellness Center in Sauk City, Wi and The Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Wa just picked up my line, plus many of my one of a kind pieces. So, needless to say, I've been busy...