Tuesday, December 10, 2013


There I was horizontal. Finally, after all this time, I found myself confined to my bed, in my room, running back and forth to the toilet. SICK.. 36 hours in my bed. Stomach cramps and I won’t go into the other details. It reminds me… of attachment or  whatever you want to call it, to the unacknowledged bliss we feel when we are not sick.  The unexpected vulnerability of surrendering to nature and wanting to be nurtured.. Momma, where are you?? Feeling disconnected and completely connected at the same time.

Unexpected emotions coming to the surface.. Needing to come out of me along with other things… Detaching or whatever you want to call it, from my body and my mind. Letting it all out. An unplanned cleanse, as most things are.. Unplanned.. Whether we plan them or not.  

An unexpected, but happy work meeting  got me out of the house today.  Still feeling sick, but since I was already out and about, I decided on a massage, for a bit of nurturing and voluntary release from the confines of my mind and my aching body. A big rain came during my massage and the earthy fresh smell made me feel so alive on the table, while being poked and prodded and soothed at the same time.  An afternoon of pondering… is upon me now, with a little more horizontal time.

Oh the beauty in it all. Feeling blessed….