Thursday, May 28, 2009

some old jewels from Nubia

Nubia is a region in southern Egypt where it is believed the original Egyptians are from. I found several old pieces of Nubian jewelry for my collection. Here are a few photos for you to see.

The amulets are called zar. they ward off evil spirits and have ceremonies to do so. I love ancient culture so much. These pieces are over 80 years old the big bracelets are probably closer to 100. All are from Nubia or maybe Yemen.

Monday, May 25, 2009

My last day.. I walked around today, visited Al Azhar mosque and said goodbye to this amazing city..

here are a few photos from my journey..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

scarabs and last full day!

Many of you have been asking about the scarabs. Here are a few photos along with more photos of the goldsmiths. This trip has been amazing. I have learned a lot and seen a lot and had a wonderful time. The Egyptian people are so kind and generous. I love experiencing other cultures and lands and seeing how things work, at least from my perspective. I've met many local people who have all been so very kind offering meals, and showing me around. It's such a blessing to be able to travel and see the world.. I recommend it to everyone!!!

The scarabs are approximately 11mm X 8mm (one is bigger). 3 of them have inlaid lapis, one has inlaid garnet and 2 are engraved gold. The backs are just as amazing as the fronts. some of them have been hand pierced, and some stamped all are beautiful. the prices of these range between $200 and $300. They are all 18k gold. I only have these 6 so please email me if you are interested in a specific one.

Friday, May 22, 2009


all is well here. i've been totally drawn to the pyramids and have gone now three days in a row. the energy they radiate is very strong and i like them a lot. so here are a few photos from my visits. the gold work is going well too. mostly, i've been talking to the goldsmiths, taking photos and seeing how they work here compared to India. It's all very very interesting to me. I have a few scarabs, so if anyone is interested in a gold scarab pendant, please let me know.

Monday, May 18, 2009

the underground!!

today was absolutely amazing.. and so hot around 100 degrees.. With the help of a friend, today I saw the underground world of goldsmithing in Cairo.. It was out of this world.. really amazing... small staircases through dirty alleys up and around and about through hallways and small rooms. Men working on gold.. It was hot, it was intense, it was amazing!!

tomorrow horseback riding at the pyramids. I can't wait! Life is good.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I arrived in Cairo 2 days ago and so far have been loving it. It's so old and amazing and the people are kind, the food is great.. Middle-Eastern sweets are so good!!! It's super hot about 95 mid-day. I've been wandering the small small alleys of Khan el Khalili in search of a "traditional" goldsmith. so, far, I've found many goldsmiths, but they all cater to tourists (which makes sense). Yesterday, (with help from a friend), I found a little shop, where the owner sells old bedouin silver jewelry. I bought a few pieces some of which i will use in my beaded work. The other pieces are just for my personal collection, old Nubian bracelet and amulets to ward off evil spirits..

Last night I attended the mystical sect of Islam (sufi) dance performance in an old mosque in Islamic Cairo. I went to this performance 10 years ago when i was here and it has stayed with me over the years, as one of the most fascinating performances i have every seen. Last night proved the same... It was amazing!!!

Today I am off to the Egyptian Antiquities Museum. I can't wait! King Tut, here I come.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm all packed and ready to go for my trip. First, I am stopping in Europe for 3 days then on to Cairo for 10 and then to Israel/Palestine for a week. Please stay tuned for updates on my adventures and studies with the goldsmiths of Khan el Khalili in Cairo..