Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ceremonial…. You just gotta go with the flow...

Sigh… This blog… I have had it for many years and the last little while, I’ve had writers block and just can’t seem to write.. today I will try.. I am so moved by living and working in Bali. I want to  try to describe to you a little of my experience. As some of you know, I travel the world and make jewelry along the way. I find wise and knowing silversmiths and goldsmiths and sit with them, talk with them, learn from them and sometimes am lucky enough to work with them. It is not an easy road to travel, staying true to values while trying to make a living, but it is what I do and I would much rather go with the flow of how ‘they’ work, then force my own agenda on a culture that works so differently.

July 2, 2014

I had a meeting with Nyoman this morning. It is has been 8 weeks since I took my designs to him.. I asked him to make me 20 pieces and 5 samples.  This should take about one week.. I know this. It has been 8 weeks and one sample is finished along with the 20 pieces.. I am not in a hurry and it is frustrating at times, but I also understand that here in Bali, the most important thing is ceremony.. And there are a lot of ceremonies here. When there is a ceremony, work stops and life revolves around it. The last 8 weeks have been a time of many many ceremonies, including Galangan, where the Balinese ask their ancestors for forgiveness and guidance. It is a 10+ day ceremony where there are preparations before, making food and offerings to the Gods, the day of Galangan there are processions and performances throughout the island. It is beautiful! 10 days later is Kuningan where they send the spirits back and continue thanking them for their guidance. This day is spent in a temple. Then there are cremations, when someone in a village dies, the whole village is involved in the ceremony which takes a full day or two or three. This is just a small example of what happens here in Bali. So, navigating this within the world of trying to get things done, can be quite challenging. But as a business woman who believes in the people I am working with,

I realize, I must go with the flow.. The flow of their pace and schedule. So, I too, have tried to plan accordingly in my deadlines and timings of production. As working against it just simply DOES NOT WORK! So, I have most of my new pieces.. They have made it through all the ceremonies and are blessed for you to wear, on your wrist, your ears, you neck…

Please know, these are made by hand, by beautiful soft people and are designed with so much love.

Here is to going with the flow.. May you too, feel that in your life.