Monday, March 17, 2008

etsy shop now open!!!

It's been awhile. I've been re-acclimating back to the states and have finally set up a small etsy
shop where you can buy my items online. I am sooooo excited about this and will slowly add a few more pieces as I can.. please be sure to check this out..

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Here are 3 photos of small jewelry workshops near Kumar's shop, where I spent most of my days while in Mysore. The area of town is where all the gold and silver smiths are. I love it there. There are small winding lanes with tiny little shops on either side. No doors, just an opening into which you remove your shoes and sit down. sometimes the spaces are so small you have to sit outside. While inside, so many things are happening. Cows are wandering by, the goldsmiths are busy doing their things, beggars come around, men with bicycles loaded up try to sell their goods (grapes, plastic containers, whatever it may be), the boys come by with chai and people come and go with work for each goldsmith. I just love love love it!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

some of our new pieces!!

The first piece is a beautiful piece of basalt I found on the shores or Victoria, B.C. This stone is actually very sacred in India and is considered the Goddess Kali. Kumar showed me this amazing trick.. He put a piece of cloth around one of the stones and put the cloth in a flame. The cloth did not burn at all..The stone absorbed all the heat and therefore can take on a lot and is considered the Goddess who is the protector. the pieces is accented with a yellow sapphire and the backside has a hand engraved Ganesha.

the second piece is a combination of antiquated beach glass from the shores of Maine and a rare and old piece of Mexican Fire agate..The back of this pieces has the tree of life hand engraved.

all the pieces are set in 20k gold.. For more information and prices, please contact me.

these beautiful photos are taken by Rupert Lorhalder of Sri Rangapatanam, India