Friday, April 29, 2011

feeling free!!

Feeling free today.. I love that feeling. I'm packing my bags and going to Wisconsin, going to visit family and friends and hopefully see some sunshine (although, I heard they aren't having much either) and sing music and play with jewelry.

Yesterday, I dropped off my entire new collections The Roman Coin collection and New spring (ruby, diopside, pearl) collection at Essenza in Seattle. So, if you are here in Seattle and want to check it out in person, you know where to go. All pieces are one of a kind. Enjoy!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day! the perfect spring jewels

Earth Day is the best.. A wonderful day to reflect and thank mother earth for all she does for us all the time, everyday. It's a great day to step back and think about how we tread upon her and how, maybe we can tread a little lighter to give her some massive love and respect and then try to carry that thought on throughout the year!


Even though I'm feeling a lot better than the other day, it's so easy (for me) to find the negative when I'm feeling blah, ugh, wa wa... But things are looking up and it's been busy around here. Music writing has commenced, once again, jewelry making is in full on spring swing! Plus, I've added NEW pieces of jewelry to my online etsy store. It's been a while. So, please, take a look.

roman coin earrings! one of a kind set in 20k gold accented with rough diamonds.
ruby + diopside + matted gold + gunmetal silver = new necklace
gorgeous green raw diopside + gunmetal silver = perfect spring necklace
+ earrings to match!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

poor me :(

I'm just going to take a minute to complain and then I will go back to regular programming.. Somehow, just after getting over FIVE WEEKS of illness, I am sick again.. AGAIN! Damn it. The kind of in bed, fever, achy, sore throat, coughing, can't breath kind of slow down. The kind of yucky yuck, that just teases me with ok, I guess I sort feel better, I'll try to leave the house today and get a few things done and then, another cough attack happens and I can't breath and start frantically looking for the glass of water I left somewhere and decide maybe I should get back into bed and maybe not run those errands.

But alas, somehow, I did get a bit of work done today and did get out of the house (between cough attacks, and feverish sweats) and I did watch tv (on the computer), which I never do and it was kind of fun. So, I guess, other than feeling like total shit, it's ok to be a bit sick and have the universe tell me to slow down.

So here is what I did today.. photos of some new jewels soon on etsy.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Roman coin collection

Here they are.. Well some of them anyway. A collaboration of thousands of years and thousands of miles. Ancient Roman coin jewelry the 2011 Karazi Design collection. These bronze coins are close to 2000 years old and were found underneath Jerusalem, which is where I bought them. while in India I collaborated with my teacher, and we made them into beautiful jewelry, set in 20k gold and accented with rough diamonds. Each piece is one of a kind and only a few are for sale. Please contact me if you are interested in hearing more or seeing them in person.

photos by Rupert Lorhaldar

Saturday, April 2, 2011

goings on...

It's been kind of crazy around here. First of all, I've been sick and have been sleeping a lot, which isn't really my style. It's slowed me down a bunch in the midst of spring orders. Everything seems to be falling into place now, with my cold (after 5 weeks) leaving my body and my orders almost finished. I can exhale and start on the next projects including posting new jewelry in the etsy shop.

In the meantime check out this really cool blog called THE STYLE PROJECT HERE by my friend Chloe in Madison, WI. She has a fashion blog and featured some vintage Karazi Design from when I first started making jewelry several years ago. I told her I may have to bring that one back. What do you think?

the photo is from The Style Project and is taken by paul sirianni