Thursday, May 28, 2009

some old jewels from Nubia

Nubia is a region in southern Egypt where it is believed the original Egyptians are from. I found several old pieces of Nubian jewelry for my collection. Here are a few photos for you to see.

The amulets are called zar. they ward off evil spirits and have ceremonies to do so. I love ancient culture so much. These pieces are over 80 years old the big bracelets are probably closer to 100. All are from Nubia or maybe Yemen.


Tracy said...

such amazing pieces...such history, beautiful!

karazi design said...

tracy.. your piece is similar to the triangle one.

Tracy said...

that is just what i imagined..and then you said it! wow! i am so excited and so thankful to you..
i can't wait to see it!
xxoo enjoy your visit with your family~

Andrea Hildebrandt said...

all of the photos and descriptions are wonderful!