Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This year has been a lot about transformation. Leaving behind old thought patterns, or habits and trying to move forward and follow my 2010 motto 'don't worry until you have to worry'. So far, so good. I feel like, yes, transformation has taken place and I have moved forward and done things I had never thought I would do... Like, for instance, work on a movie in France, or start to write a book. Things have shifted for the better, I am quite motivated each day to get up and do (whatever that may be). I am a dreamer, I do believe anything is possible, and I mean it. No, I didn't say everything is easy, I said, anything is possible and sometimes those dreams that seem so far fetched aren't really impossible, they are just difficult. The obstacles are sometimes larger than the dream, so why do it or why try?? hhhmmm... I often wonder, why am I making jewelry and trying to make a living doing it... Believe me, it is not the easy route. But the answer is because I love it! And why not spend my days (sometimes with many obstacles) doing something I love, rather than spending my days doing something I dislike?

I had a brief moment earlier this year, where I thought, 'I don't think I can do this anymore (this being, make jewelry). I just want to shift my challenge to something else, this challenge is old I always seem to struggle with the same things'. That thought pattern opened up some doors to me. Thinking in my head, I wasn't going to do this anymore. I had space to explore and act upon other things and ideas that had been brewing for a long long time. That space, created the transformation, I had been seeking and BOOM!! My jewelry inspiration started to soar, once again.. Thank god! Because as an artist these things ebb and flow like you wouldn't believe.

Now several months later, and with transformation achieved, I am flying high with my jewelry and soon off to visit my 92 year old grandmother in the Middle East and am writing a book and will fly to an undisclosed tropical location to film more of the movie and will go to India in January... Life is full of possibilities. You just have to have a little passion and be open to them too...

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crissa said...

That makes me smile. Letting go helps free us up to make fresh choices. Very inspiring!