Friday, February 5, 2010

jungle boogie...debut performance

I am emerging from 5 days in yoga ashram mountain beauty and quietness and wanted to update you on my performance at the temple. So, here goes..

I was the opening stage act… Hare Rama Hare Rama Hare Krishna Hare Krishna..

Last night was the first time I have performed in front of more than about 10 people, and it was on a big stage, plugged in and in front of around 500 people, in India, at a temple, at a festival with elephants and fire. Yesterday was about 95 degrees and I spent most of the day sweating buckets as my nerves could not be calmed. I actually could not believe I had agreed to do this.

I got up on stage and sat there, all alone, with my Indian sisters primping me, adjusting my sari, telling me what to say, giving me sips of water and taking photos..

The curtain went up… I took a breath in and said, “ela varcum ente namaskarum” I don’t know the exact translation, but it is something like, hello and good evening to you. The crowd clapped and clapped and I continued with several thank you’s and began my first bhagan… singing to Rama. Singing calmed me right down.

The rest of the performance went really well, I sang one more bhagan to Shiva and then a song my husband and I wrote. I’d have to say, it was pretty exhilarating to be up on stage..

My Indian sisters kept telling me how auspicious it is to be singing at their temple festival. I was the first western to ever perform at it.

As I got off the stage, the man who we originally spoke to, came up to me, shook my hand and said, “are you happy your wish has been granted?”

I’d have to say, “yes”

That was about a week ago and yesterday, after coming out of ashram isolation, I spoke with one of my Indian sisters. She told me, the temple committee had met after my performance and want me to perform next year for 30 minutes. They had also bought me a gift.... sooooooooo..... sweet. they are sooooooo sweet, unfortunately, I had already left for the ashram and could not receive it.

I find all of these magical experiences so rewarding. so enriching. so worth all the crazy moments. so life changing. so fear conquering. I encourage everyone to follow your dreams. they are possible, if you put your mind to it!!

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Tracy said...

So very cool Samia! Made me cry...
how auspicious and what a memory!
Next!! xxx

Unknown said...

Fabulous! You look so beautiful in all the pics. I hope you feel as beautiful as you look!

Life.learning.sherab said...

Very beautiful! whatelse can i say... ;-)

Life.learning.sherab said...

How was your yoga practice going in that yoga ashram? Must be interesting. I wish I could visit one in future.