Thursday, February 14, 2008

village goldsmith

I left Mysore for a few days and serendipity happened. While on the beautiful Keralan coast in a small village with my husband, we met a goldsmith. He just happened to live next door to where we were staying. the manager of our guesthouse took us there and the goldsmith immediately put me to work.. I learned how to make gold balls, and a chain. we spent only 3 days with him and it was so amazing. I learned so much and had a wonderful time. He invited me back and told me if I studied with him for one year i would learn everything i needed to know.. I think I may spend one month with him next year and learn all i can during that time... so the photos show me working and his little studio out on his veranda overlooking the palm grove... it was so peaceful and he is so laid back and eager to teach me.. another amazing experience in india. I'll keep posting about it.. i have a million pictures.


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