Tuesday, February 5, 2008

more custom work!!!

Two more amazing and very special custom pieces.
the ring is a hand drawn cut and made Tibetan om of pure gold with a dark blue sapphire.

the pendant is very symbolic. it is the hand drawn,engraved and cut image of Kali in both of her forms. fierce and calm.. the two plates have been attached to the rudraksha seed (a symbol of Lord Shiva). When Kumar gave this piece to my client, he performed a blessing ceremony so that the goddess Kali really does come out through the pendant and release her powers...

please click on the pieces so you can see the detail!!!

i love india


Tracy said...

I LOVE the Kali design on the Rudruksha...so special!
I would wear gold for that piece!
Would you email me...I would like to order something~
alotusgirl at comcast dot net
wehn you have a chance!
Glad you are doing so well and haivng such a great time!!

Breathing said...

that om is money! is it a ring?

karazi design said...

yes!! it is a ring.. for an amazing woman in LA..