Friday, November 30, 2007

holiday season

My holiday season is in full swing. I was in the midwest for Thanksgiving where I had a trunk show and sold some pieces to a store. This week I am trying to get my inventory up. I've been very productive the last two days and hope this will continue into next week when I have 3 shows..

For the holidays, I am bringing back some of my simple seed bead and liquid silver pieces. I think the variety is nice to have the small delicate pieces mixed with some of my bold stone necklaces.

I have just been picked up by a store in Cambridge, Massachussetts called Nomad. It is a super cool store..

remember my three upcoming shows look over to the left for the details.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on Nomad! I will try to make it to one of your shows. I just haven't had the time!

Y from yoga

karazi design said...

No problem Y,

I know you'll make it when you can!! Samia

Anonymous said...


I will most likely make it to Tougo Coffee tomorrow...your show is from 2-5pm, right?

I really like that gold piece!

And so good to see you back practicing!