Friday, August 8, 2008

thinking, preparing, feeling

It is a gray morning, although, I know it will burn off and be sunny soon. This week my mind has been on design. I've been working on my black basalt from Victoria and I've been thinking about design from a different perspective. Transitions..

This year my work has been a lot about transitions and transitions are hard for me. But then when I think about them in the form of design, I get excited. Transitions from one texture to the next, from one component to the other, from color to color.

These photos represent a lot of what I do. I find little pieces that the earth has transitioned into smooth and beautiful stones and I take it and create art you can wear. They are found at the earth's transition of land to water, the gradual shift of form to formless and beyond to the unknown.

Change is the only constant..

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