Sunday, May 17, 2009


I arrived in Cairo 2 days ago and so far have been loving it. It's so old and amazing and the people are kind, the food is great.. Middle-Eastern sweets are so good!!! It's super hot about 95 mid-day. I've been wandering the small small alleys of Khan el Khalili in search of a "traditional" goldsmith. so, far, I've found many goldsmiths, but they all cater to tourists (which makes sense). Yesterday, (with help from a friend), I found a little shop, where the owner sells old bedouin silver jewelry. I bought a few pieces some of which i will use in my beaded work. The other pieces are just for my personal collection, old Nubian bracelet and amulets to ward off evil spirits..

Last night I attended the mystical sect of Islam (sufi) dance performance in an old mosque in Islamic Cairo. I went to this performance 10 years ago when i was here and it has stayed with me over the years, as one of the most fascinating performances i have every seen. Last night proved the same... It was amazing!!!

Today I am off to the Egyptian Antiquities Museum. I can't wait! King Tut, here I come.


Anonymous said...

Hi Samia! Sounds like a wonderful time. Wandering the streets is one of my favorite things to do in a new place, too.

karazi design said...

tarah, it is so awesome.. i am having the best time!! the oven looks great. steven posted some photos..

see you in a couple of weeks!!