Tuesday, April 28, 2009



No, it’s not a reunion of 1980s bands with big hair. Metal-Urge is an arts event that will forge the talents of more than 100 metal artists at 24 downtown Tacoma venues.

Presented June 6-September 20, Metal-Urge will coincide with two major metal art-oriented exhibits at the Tacoma Arts Museum (TAM), “Ornament as Art” and “Loud Bones.” It will offer additional exhibits, workshops, festivals and more.

That is an excerpt from the press release for this event. I have been chosen as one of the featured artists and my work (gold) will be on featured (and for sale) at the Tacoma Glass Museum Store from June 6 until July 12. We may have some sort of opening event, but I will let you know.

Also the SWAG event in Seattle went well last week, we will soon be in a new boutique location in Oregon called The Trio salon and spa. So, if you are in their neck of the woods, they will soon have a beautiful collection of Karazi Design's silver, brass, and lava jewelry.

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